" Mrs. Mix has spent many years in the preparation of this comprehensive guide. Her research is evident in the great number of plants included as well as growing information. It is a guide that will be used over and over again. This would make a wonderful gift for the budding gardeners in your life or as a great addition to any library or garden club bookshelf."
Highly Recommended by:
Shirley A. Roe, All Books Reviewwww.allbooksreviewint.com


About the Author

LindaLinda Mix has extensive knowledge and experience in natural health, medicinal herbs and gardening. Her main goal is to help folks maintain and improve their health practically, intelligently and safely.

Since the age of 4 when she wanted to be a nurse, Linda Mix has always been interested in medicine and health issues. After graduating as a Registered Nurse in 1969, she practiced in hospitals and a doctor’s office. Over the years, she has taken care of elderly patients in the neighborhood and her home. In
an effort to broaden her knowledge, she has studied many types of “alternative therapies” for over forty years, experimenting on herself and her family to test the validity of as many as she could.

In 1994, Linda had a health crisis. After caring for a relative with Alzheimer’s Disease, she was emotionally, mentally and physically drained. She chose medicinal herbs as one of her main modalities to recovery. Upon researching those which would help her best, she discovered that many medicinal herbs would grow in her area. With encouragement from a friend, she gathered the courage to produce a book which would help others gain from the information she had learned.

Living most of her life in the Florida Panhandle, Mrs. Mix possesses a wealth of knowledge in gardening in that unique area. In addition to her own gardening efforts, her parents, both sets of grandparents and great-grandparents have lived and farmed in the area for almost 100 years! Besides growing many of the medicinal herbs listed in her book, she has grown them for sale, including to the famous Captain Anderson’s Restaurant on Panama City Beach.

She also has experience gardening in other areas of the country, including the orange, clay soil near Atlanta, Georgia, the rich dark soil near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the rich brown clay of NE Tennessee.